Abandoned House in Your Neighborhood

Abandoned House in Your Neighborhood St. Louis In St. Louis, there are numerous deteriorating, unsecured, abandoned buildings – many located near schools. For obvious reasons, this poses a serious risk, not only to the well being of the students, but the neighborhood as a whole. These abandoned properties are symptoms of a community’s economic misfortunes. […]

Mortgage Default Rate in Missouri

Mortgage Default Rates in Missouri Every day, thousands of St. Louis homeowners face foreclosure. While average mortgage default rates are dropping nationwide, some cities are seeing a worrisome increase. If you’ve missed a mortgage payment, you need to act now, before your mortgage goes into default. Is It Mortgage Delinquency, Mortgage Default, or Foreclosure? Missing […]

Can an Executor Sell a House without Beneficiaries Approving it in Missouri?

Can an Executor Sell a House Without Beneficiaries Approving it in St. Louis? St. Louis executors are responsible for a wide range of tasks related to estate planning, management, and distribution. They must protect the property within an estate while ensuring that assets are distributed according to the terms of a will. But executors must […]

When Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flood Damage to Your Home

When Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flood Damage to Your Home in St. Louis This past May, the St. Louis area was devastated by what many are calling a “100 year flood”, leaving irreparable damage, heartache and financial loss in its wake. While the floodwater is receding in many communities, residents are very aware that another catastrophic […]